sayuri sasaki hemann, urban aquarium

tulle jellyfish

Scientific name still unknown at this time; witnessed sizes vary from 1” to 9” in diameter; although researchers believe there could grow up to 78” in diameter. Incandescence seems to grow at night, tentacles have deadly effects. Do not eat, or try to catch them.

These jellies had been first spotted in July 2009 at a local chocolatier in NE Portland, where they had been reported to eat and eat and eat all they could see. They must have been super hungry.

September 2009, the jellies were found in a display case in the hallway just outside the library in Madison High School in NE 82nd. Scientists and researchers predict that the jellies wanted to read books and also learn the social interactions of teenagers. There is a joke among scientists, “school of jellyfish goes to school”.

At the end of September through December 2009, locals of the St. Johns neighborhood witnessed similar type school of jellyfish right across the St. Johns Bridge, at the local fencing studio. There, they compared their stings to the fencing swards to see who has the most painful sting. Results unknown. Jellies seemed to enjoy looking over the beautiful St. Johns Bridge.

One gray day at the end of January 2010, the Jellies decided to migrate. Migrate to a fishbowl. Fishbowl. Very fitting, it seems. Whether these jellies stick around or stay is unpredictable...

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